SATC 2 - Legal Bias

So I went to see Sex and The City 2 (as you do) and while it was a barrel of laughs (clearly too many laughs for those around us) there were a few valuable lessons delivered. Since I lack the ability to mindlessly watch a chick flick anything, my intellectual curiosity had to disturb my viewing by asking silly questions!

Anyway firstly fashion: The girls and I unanimously (I'm guessing from their 'I like that' and 'Oooh, nice dress!') agreed that for the majority of the movie, none other than the fabulous Miranda was consistently the best dressed. Yes she had a few awkward outfits but nothing compared to the concoctions that SJP threw herself into. So what, we are three budding lawyers who happened to completely randomly believe the lawyer won the impromptu competition. It's the truth... and the truth will make you free :)

Dress by British designer Julien MacDonald

Now for the legal lesson...

Destinations such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are fast becoming popular holiday hot spots (as well as fertile ground for new law firms but i'll discuss that later). Now we all love a hot and exotic holiday in stunning surroundings, however I fear that 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do' is lost here in blighty (Britain). It seems that while one demonstrates an avid distaste to immigrants causing a cultural blemish on the porcelain perfection that is Great Britain, one is happy to go on holiday and look for fish and chips and ignore the cultural surroundings... after all its just a holiday right?

(I'm getting to the point now)

When told that kissing in public and wearing a string vest is just completely inappropriate and even legally sanctionable in a certain part of the world, I believe it is best to adhere to these rules. Law changes as jurisdictions change as countries change; the law here is not the law everywhere and we should bear that in mind as we travel the world.

Don't believe me: Last November, a British couple in their 20's were arrested and convicted in Dubai for kissing in public. They received a one month prison sentence which might sound like nothing, but when you go on a planned holiday for a week then face court proceedings and a sentence it can all become very traumatic. The couple say they were only kissing on the cheek and didn't think they were breaking any laws... (no comment)

SO...Like Miranda, before you go halfway across the world and take exciting pictures and tweet about how "awesome" your experience is, do some research! Not paying a hotel bill over here is not such a big deal, but as the lovely ladies experienced, it carries a prison sentence in Abu Dhabi (I dont know if this is factually correct, I'm alluding to the movie)

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