Beauty Re:Vue - Clean Start

So I recently had the privilege of trying the Clean Start cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I didn't really intend to write a blog about it and share my wonderful experience with all of my millions of readers but after using it for 3 days, I kind of have to. It is cool.

In the summer I always find it a little harder to keep my skin looking fresh and well (but not heavily) moisturised. Using the WASH OFF you can immediately feel a deep cleansing with very little effort. It doesn't sting your eyes (I always get it in my eyes) and it doesn't take ages to wash away like some face washes can do.

Then you get the luxury of spraying your face with their ALL OVER CLEAR toning mist. I was a little scared when I did this to be honest and I think it is a little wasteful because you can never get the mist to go just on your face. I do try though and look a little crazy in the process. It feels nice and cooling but if I am 100% honest I don't entirely understand the benefits of toner and if there was water in that squirty bottle I probably wouldn't notice!

Finally its the WELCOME MATTE SPF15, this is my favourite part of the routine. Your skin by this point is feeling cool, clean and delicately moisturised. I have noticed the difference in my facial skin in such a short amount of time and my flatmate verified that I wasn't all excited about a new face wash for no reason by complimenting my skin! Great!

So I RAN down to the shop, the one that sells this stuff, ran all the way to or something like that only to find that I would have to spend £41.95 for the three full sized products.

And then I ran back home. The end.

Farewell Halliwell(s)

We've already discussed what it means when a company goes into administration here and now commercial law firm Halliwells LLP has just eaten their slice of humble pie. (its not that >> Halliwell but they are equally as stylish!)

The firm was particularly close to my heart because I once applied to do an internship in their London office. About a day later they told me that they had recently reconsidered having vac schemes in their London office and that I should consider Manchester or Liverpool. I kindly declined the offer and thought it appropriate to point out that it would be nice if they could just ever so kindly take of the option for london from their website as I wasted very valuable time doing the application and really people should not have to suffer in such a manner.

Anyway they ignored me. In fact despite their recent crumble, they are still recruiting for a September 2012 start guys! (yay)

So the firm claims that “high property costs exacerbated by the current economic climate” have “adversely impacted [its] finances” however the business remains strong and assets will hopefully be sold to worthy and deserving firms.

Shiny new expensive building

As you can tell I am so totally interested in what will become of Halliwells, especially because I love them. Also because I didn't just write a whole blog post so I could complain about the fact that they made me do an application for no reason.


In keeping with the so-called "African" World Cup, here is some vibrant African Attire which made me smile. Visit her shop! 

Lehman Brothers: the fight after the fall

One would have to have been sleeping right the way through, well everything to not know about the collapse of one of the worlds biggest investment banks Lehman Brothers. Any businessmanperson will know that no successful business can operate in isolation and therefore no successful organisation can fall without creating casualties.

It may seem like it has 'nothing' to do with you directly, but most of our banks and pension funds have dealings with Lehman. It will effect global financial markets and also share prices and things like getting a loan or mortgage have inevitably become more difficult.

Organisations affiliated with the bank are going to try and minimise their losses and get as much as they can while Lehman simultaneously attempts to retain as much as they can for their bankrupt estate. I really do hope you are following!

What this means for law firms is lots and lots of litigation (which is just the process of taking a case to court to determine the legal rights of the parties). Firms such as Linklaters, Norton Rose and Simmons & Simmons (yep it’s the firm that Mayer Brown has the hots for!) are all attempting to access money for their clients from the $billion Lehman Brothers International Europe (LBIE) pool.
The problem here is that last year the High Court ruled that the LBIE client money pool which should have been segregated when the company went into administration is not accessible by these clients. Obviously access to that pool means more money so the clients want access.
So today, all representing different clients, the firms are at the Court of Appeal fighting for what they believe should be theirs.  Allen & Overy are representing GLG Investments who say that the client pool should only be accessed by those whose money was indeed segregated. Baker & McKenzie’s clients do not want this client pool to be topped up with money from Lehman’s general estate.
ARRGGH! All too complicated:
So I own the biggest shoe store like in the whole world. And loads of people buy shoes from me. Some people even give me money so that when new shoes come out they can be the first to get them without having to pay. Imagine you give me £5000 shoe money and I say I’ll keep it aside for you. 1 million other people have given me different sums to hold shoes (which I throw into one massive shoe box labelled SHOE MONEY).
One day I lose faith (no pun intended) and my shoe store crumbles and I owe so many companies money they all want it now they know I am going bust. So you say, listen can I have that £5000 back now that I know I am not getting any shoes. And I say well yeah sure but uhm, I kinda didn’t keep that money aside. Theres only £1million left in SHOE MONEY but I owe £10million to shoe lovers.
You say GRRR! Give me my £5000! And I’m like but that’s also shoeloverlover’s £8000. IF I had kept that £5000 aside like I said I would, when I collapsed it would be known as yours, but now it is just in a massive pool of money owed to many shoelovers.
The End.
Now there are many legal and business concepts that apply to these processes (that will take ages to explain) and it definitely gets more complicated the larger the company is. Lehman Litigation has been continuing for years now and it is likely to continue with many disgruntled "shoelovers" in the end.

What Not To Wear at Weil

There is always appropriate office attire but more care and attention must be given when working with clients. It may look sharp to wear something that will make your sweat glands go to war with your Sure for Women (a very good deodorant btw) but it is not the best idea for you or your colleagues.

International law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges prepared a 'what-not-to-wear' list in anticipation of the summer heat but it really is about using wisdom and discretion since Dress, Blazer could end up looking like such: 

Moschino S/S 2009

Pollini S/S 2009

Well not quite but you get what I mean. I think these would come under mini-skirt nonetheless.

These pieces from the Celine Autumn/Winter collection would fit the description if taken literally too.

From the Todd Lynn S/S 09 collection, these stunning ready-to-wear items give the office look an edge.

And finally...

If you can pull of prancing in Pollini:

*sigh* one can only dream! 

Emergency Fashion!

I know, I can be a bit dramatic with these titles, but it is important to get your attention. You know that it is my overall aim to entertain educate you with these blogs and since I was not an die-hard blogger during the election campaign, you will be subjected to my disdain of the coalition government through these random posts.

George Osborne (the wonderful chancellor) will be delivering the emergency budget and who knows what will actually crop up. There have been talks of tax increases and reducing a £6bn deficit, but as consumers, employees, business owners and fashion lovers, what effect will the budget have on us.

  • The treasury is considering increasing alcohol duty by 5% - yes I know, the thought of paying more for alcohol seems ludicrous.
  • VAT is likely to be hiked to approximately 20% - for those of you that are thinking so what. Remember the blissful times when VAT was at 15% and you would go to the till and everything would be just that bit cheaper. Well now your shopping experience will be tainted with a few more pounds coming out of your pocket, and your phone and restaurant bills looking higher than ever. 
  • CGT (Capital Gains Tax) is likely to increase from 18% to 40% or even 50% - for shareholders and second home owners this is going to be tragic, if you have a second home and you are looking to sell then it will really effect how much you pocket.
  • And the ever famous 1% rise in National Insurance for employees - the basis of the conserviative party campaign. Well. That will be going ahead of course, not because Gordy was correct and has done an excellent job bringing us through a global recession but because its the Lib Dems fault duh!

Whatever the outcome of the emergency budget, there is likely to be some form of strangulation squeeze on our pockets! To get the best info tomorrow, have a look at leading law firm Olswang's Budget Blog which will actually be interactive, so don't sit there scratching your heads, get your questions and answers in.

An emergency budget does mean emergency fashion. Here are examples of strange people looking good for less. I may add one of me later when I get onto my laptop. Check out where they got these low cost pieces at Blazer Whore and Through My Aiz:

(okay so I cut out my face because I was a little excited about the flash! Dress: Vintage Skirt hiked up, Belt: Primark, Boots: Barrats (but had for years), Cardigan: Vintage)

    Birds of Feather...?

    I have a flatmate who once called me a psycho here.

    But then this SAME person consumed this:

    It is supposed to be sugar covered strawberries as a light, healthy snack. 

    I think if I can be classified as a psycho, then the saying birds of a feather flock together has been proven right here.

    City Re:Vue - Hare & Tortoise Russel Square

    I have taken far too many pictures and written far too many city reviews without ever getting round to posting them. I always feel as though there is something more pressing to say at the time and I'll do it tomorrow. Anyway here's what happened when I went for lunch in the sun.

    We get there, there is no queue, which is a surprise because there is always a queue (I've only been twice before but I'm still allowed to say always. Anyway its good because it means we can be seated right away.

    So we order food which comes promptly. I ordered Roast Duck and my friend being an ardent crustacean lover ordered a Shrimp Fried Rice. Not the most exciting meals but it was a late lunch/early dinner.

    The food was okay. Nothing to write home about. And I say this with tears in my tear ducts trying to come out because normally the food and the service here is great. I think we caught them on a bad day.

    Anyway the rice comes with a Miso Soup. We thought this was very strange but if it comes with soup it comes with soup. So the lady puts down the strange super suction bowl of soup on the table.

    Its not a very clever contraption in the fact that it is almost impossible to open without spilling. My friend was unsuccessful. Her blackberry had a soupy swim and the (really bad) smell of the soup stained the table and floor around us. The waiter threw a few tissues at us and we mopped it up. They came back to mildly clean the floor so no one died but not so that we could enjoy our food stink free. The disdain (on their part) was pertinent. About 10 minutes later when no new bowl had arrived I asked if she would be getting a new bowl. The sigh. The look of disgust. And the quick shuffle to the kitchen was the answer.
    She got a new bowl of soup. She didn't eat it. I wouldn't have either.

    Anyway this is not supposed to be a bad review because the other times I have been there its been good. Hare & Tortoise is a chain restaurant that serves pan-asian food for a very reasonable price. The food is well made and it tastes good. It is a great place to go for a dinner with a few friends after work. The Blackfriars venue is much nicer as it has been forced to cater to the heart of the city and you can see them cooking the food infront of you (which is always nice).

    A little complaint: New Look

    Okay so its New Look's turn to face my wrath. 

    Its the shopping again. It wasn't real shopping, I wanted another pair of respectable trousers to wear to work. (By respectable I meant tailored harem so I could be appropriate for work and after work at the same time. leave me alone) I took advantage of their sale and bought a pair online - its the lack of spare time! So long story short, they came, I saw and I put them right there on the... well back in the bag ready for a refund. I decided that rather than post it back I would take it in store. Yes I didn't read the (very small) small print but the lady behind the till had absolutely no compassion for me. She gave me credit vouchers. She gave me credit vouchers for New Look. I mean seriously!? So I said okay I don't want to do the refund because if I return it by post I will get my money back. She told me she could no longer find the item I was talking about (they were behind her).

    I must stress that I own ONE item of clothing/shoes/jewellery whatever from New Look and that is a pair of yummy Chino's since they were the only ones doing them at the time. I cannot imagine purchasing goods worth £12 from there in the near future. It was a painful experience and I have to complain about it. Its my blog and I can complain. Thats cool right.

    LAL Girl 'After Hours' #3

    I have some great news, I found my 3rd LAL Girl, she's not just another blogger but a real fashionista. I caught her with her notepad and sunglasses in tow, looking very peaceful, minding her own business and not wanting to be disturbed by me. So I disturbed her and asked if I could take a few pics.

    A little camera shy with a beautiful accent, she has put together this cute vintage combo which still has an element of professional sophistication. I only asked after I had finished taking too many pictures what her name was (people skills!) and she replied "Bahia, like the city in Brazil" and thats how I remembered, I even looked up the city as I had never heard of it.

    Sorry for taking so long to put these up Bahia (pronounced buy-ah), but here's to LAL Girl Number 3. My first real girl.

    What's in a name?

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, I apologise profusely for neglecting to update my blog, however I did go away for a little while and had no internet connection other than on my blackberry!

    Anyway here is a little story that I found quite hilarious when I read it:

    So what's in a name? opportunity apparently! A lady has changed her name to ‘Mrs Lorraine Darla I Hate Thomas Cook And It’s Associates Big Shot Company Treading On The Little Guy Leeks’. She had a little trouble with the company after she booked the tickets for her honeymoon in her married name but then did not have enough time to change the name on her passport. This more than likely happens all the time and it is a little irritating that Thomas Cook would benefit from it in the form of a nifty little charge. (On the flip-side its the nature of the game and one has to get themselves through a recession somehow!

    She does say that this was a 'crazy moment' as opposed to her lashing out at the company. Something tells me not, she could have just as easily changed her name to: Mrs Lorraine Darla I am Crazy And Am Having A Moment Leeks'

    In order for one to change their name they must go through the Legal Deed Poll Service. A Deed Poll legally binds the person who signs it to a particular course of action as detailed on the Deed Poll document. When you get a Deed of Change of Name you are bound by the following rules and should not make silly decisions like this lady has:

    You are legally committing yourself to:
    • Abandoning the use of your former name;
    • Using your new name only at all times;
    • Requiring all persons to address you by your new name only.

    There are many a name that I could change mine to involving T-Mobile. This is me avoiding defamation charges, I haven't said anything, it's all in your head.

    A complaint: Office Shoes

    Okay so this is me definitely complaining. What OFFICE has done is not illegal but it sure feels like it should be. Unfortunately they protect themselves by saying that essentially no contract is made between you and them until they post the goods, and you have no other choice but to accept this! Anyhoo let me tell you what happened.

    So on 4th June I ordered these shoes from Office online:

    Oooh, Aaah, Cute! Yes I felt the same way. They were on sale from £60 to £25 and I felt like after all my hard work I deserved to spend a little! 

    1. I get my order confirmation 

    2. I wait and wait and wait, since I PAID for 2 - 3 day delivery.

    3. I hear nothing from Office and quite frankly did not realise that 6 days had passed.

    4. On 10th June My funkyberry vibrates and I pick it up: You've Got Mail

    5. I read the following message:

    Dear Mr Funke Omisore

    This is an automated email to confirm that due to limited stock availability the following item(s) could 'NOT' be dispatched to you from Office Shoes.


    This order has been cancelled and your credit / debit card will not be charged or will be refunded for the item(s).

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Office Shoes

    The Distance Selling Regulations 2000 cover goods or services sold without face-to-face contact. They cover:

    • the internet
    • television
    • mail order, including catalogue shopping
    • phone and fax
    The regulations say that:
    • you must be given clear information about the goods or services before you buy
    • goods must be delivered within thirty days unless agreed otherwise
    • there is a ‘cooling off period’ where you can cancel the contract to buy for any reason

    If they had limited stock they really should have a system that does not get ones hopes up in thinking that they have bought shoes when they really have not.

    I am most disturbed by the fact that they called me MISTER and this is not the first time I have shopped with them... I have always been a Miss and did not get a sex change. 

    I tried to find something in contract law or unfair contract terms (UCTA) to make this work in my favour. All I would get if I did win was money and I really wanted the shoes. SO now I am sad, sad that the shoes that I had already put outfits on reserve for will not be posted to my house.

    Please do not buy things from OFFICE online and actually expect them to actually come. In store they have a 'no refund' policy which is another thing I do not like about them. They sell stunning shoes every now and again (if you can get past all the trainers at the door).

    Rant over. I'll probably delete this when if rational thought kicks in.


    It would seem that since David and Nick decided to commit to a shady political marriage, everyone else wants to give it a try. There is definitely some legal love in the air as firm after firm is getting the urge to merge.

    What is M&A: If you spend anytime at all around law students and are not one yourself you probably don't like them. They tend to throw around letters like IPO and TC and M&A mid conversation and expect you to know what they are talking about. I, on the other hand would never do such a thing! 

    So M&A = Mergers & Acquisitions. It is essentially when two single and ready to mingle firms decide that they have found the one. Much like a relationship (it comes with many of the problems too!)

    It is a corporate strategy to combine companies. It can often help a smaller company to grow rapidly in an industry as they join with another company. It is not always so pleasant however as there can be hostile acquisitions. However, today we are on the topic of legal love.

    So who are the latest lovebirds on the scene?

    1.  Lovells and Hogan & Hartson --> Hogan Lovells. Managing partner David Harris has said: The new firm will have unrivalled global capability and distinctive strengths in dispute resolution, regulatory, antitrust, corporate, finance, intellectual property and real estate.” As a united firm, they do wish to maintain the culture and values already instilled in each firm.

    2. Denton Wilde Sapte and Sonnenschein Nath &Rosenthal --> SNR Denton. The firm will officially become SNR Denton on the 30 September this year, though I wish that Wilde Sapte had kept its maiden name (not to imply that Denton is the woman, nor that there is anything wrong with being the woman *sigh*) there are many positive things about this move. It was a unanimous vote amongst the partners at both firms and allows Denton to stretch its wings to the other side of the pond.

    3. Shakespeare Putsman and Needham & James --> Shakespeare Putsman. This Midlands merger sounds like it may be the but of a few badly formed jokes. But the combined firm is no laughing matter. SP will one of the biggest players in the region with a proposed £24m practice.

    Mayer brown are apparently looking for some London Love and like what they see over at Simmons. Only time will tell how many more firms will jump into a transatlantic M&Arriage.

    Okay so I am going to stop turning serious business into a series of saucy love affairs now!

    Oh, I cannot wait to see what their babies look like! :)

    Beauty Re:Vue - Some Summer Nails (Rimmel 60 Second 'Sky High')

    I love the 60 second nail polish collection from Rimmel, they have some really great colours, of which I own a few and will show them to you as and when I wear them (and can be bothered to take pics). This is a simple summer splash of colour to go with all those nudes and blacks: 

    It dries really quickly. I have on 2 coats and a top coat. It costs about £3.99. Buy it! x

    I'm Well... Rounded!

    So I've heard time and time again that when it comes to being the ideal candidate for employment in a high-flying law firm, one must be 'well rounded' (amongst other things). The thought occurred to my oh-so-normal mind that this is direct discrimination against those who just want to be square. I mean what if you just have an insatiable desire for straight lines and sharp 90 degree angles, don't like the fact that circles never end and want to get straight to the point really?

    I have to ask myself what is the actual importance of having other interests, passions and hobbies. So you collect stamps, I guess that commitment will make you the perfect paper pusher? What if... what if I decide that all I will watch on TV is The Good Wife and Kevin Hill, and the only knock knock joke that makes me laugh is the one where the door gets opened and the person is in breach of Article 8 HRA (because all that knocking is really not respect for private family life, home or correspondence!) So my idea of a celebrity is Lord Denning and the last book I really read was 'Commercial Law' by Sealy and Hooley. 

    Does it actually matter that my estate agent hates me for reading my tenancy agreement to such a degree that I happened to notice that the "Landlord" has illegally attempted to absolve himself of any legal obligation whatsoever with onerous clause after onerous clause! Yes I recite the Sale of Goods Act to stores that put up 'NO REFUND' signs because it makes me sick. I am allowed a refund. Actually. 

    Goods supplied must be as described, and fit for purpose. If they are not, and you take them back to the retailer in a reasonable length of time you are entitled to a refund. Actually. 

    So in my spare time I scour Bloomerg, CNN and Legal Week for the sauciest update in political, financial and legal news. So what I don't really have spare time. It doesn't matter if I happen to ask my boyfriend if he intends to establish a fiduciary relationship upon marriage...its only natural right. Threatening to sue T-Mobile for breach of contract is something everyone does (actually going through with it is the fun part though!).

    Anyway for the Squares out there, Rectangles and even Oblongs,  I salute you. Be excited about your 18-hour working day in public, brandish your paper cuts battle wounds to your beloved and joyfully write in the 'skills' section of your application forms that you can run for a week on just espresso after espresso. Love law, love it with all some of your heart!

    I am not quite with you of course... I like fashion, yes, beauty and pretty things. I have well-rounded friends. I am well rounded and this is my well rounded face.

    What do I love: Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

    This is honestly one of the only things that made me happy today, and shallow though it may seem I think that it will make you smile too. Keeping ever so neatly away from the 'chavtastic' reputation that asbo collectors and car-boot vendors attempted to tarnish Burberry with, their Spring/Summer look is nipped and tucked in all the right places. (It also reminds me that I really need to find my newest LAL Girl but we'll deal with that later)

    (One of my favourite)

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