Rapists to remain anonymous

Flicking through my daily selection of coalition government news (I am not obsessed) I came across an interesting David Cameron decision to protect the identities of those who have been accused of AND charged with rape.

I naturally thought, this must be a headline grabber, they couldn't really have cracked their skulls together to come up with this decision, I mean I thoroughly read the main parties manifesto's before I cast the red vote and it didn't mention anything about protecting rapists.

Well no, its true. Of budgets and bicycles and all the great and wonderful changes we will be facing in the next few years, this is one that is very controversial. There are currently no laws that restrict naming of defendants over 18 years old but the plans could potentially grant them anonymity before being charged and also before being sentenced.

This is likely to have an effect on other rape victims coming forward, as if it is not hard enough already. It also suggests that it is more important to protect the statistical minority of falsely accused than it is to encourage other victims to come forward and secure a conviction.

The Ministry of Justice have said "This is a sensitive area and careful analysis of the options and implications will be undertaken" and not much else.

Personally a change such as this will cause more harm than good, while my sentiments are with those that have been wrongly accused of rape (especially the poor wrongly accused celebs who seem to be fuelling the policy behind this love train) it is important to consider the psychological effect it will have on rape victims and even rapists.

I'm Sorry... here's a gift.

Apologies are an appropriate form of initiating communication with one who you have wronged. I honestly feel that I have wronged you, my readers, in my prolonged absence of good quality law/fashion/beauty blogging and the like.

SO I'm Sorry.

Unfortunately moving house also means moving internet and moving internet apparently means a seriously prolonged period of lack-of-internetness! Sad times. It means that I am confined to carrying my pretty little macbook around in the hopes of accessing the internet at a friends house. I love my mac and though it is portable I don't really like dragging it around london. Worry not, Virgin Broadband has promised us that in JUST 15DAYS (yay!) we will be reconnected.

this is a portrait of me having a tantrum as a child (in my mind)

Anyway gifts usually help take away distract people from the pain that induced the apology and so I have come baring gifts. Well a gift, kind of. Take it or leave it because I really have heard that its the thought that counts!!

My gift comes in the form of make-upy goodness. Sadly your momentary increase in heart rate as you thought that I might send out free beauty gifts to all my readers/have a giveaway only served to help you lose 1 extra calorie. This is virtual make up goodness in the form of Topshops virtual makeover thingy.
I'm guessing its to increase the interest in their kind of new make-up range:

Lets see what it did to me:


Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

And then I did this and knew it was time to stop.

You can click at the end 'What I'm wearing' and get a nice little shopping list to get the look in real life

Have fun, don't forget to thank me or at least let me have a look at your pics if you get some funny/interesting ones.


Vogue: A fashiony bloggy competition type thing.

If you think you have an eye for style and photography skills to match then make sure you enter VOGUE.COM's Fashion Photography blogging competition!

They say:

We’re looking for the fashion photography star of the next generation. For your chance to prove that you have what it takes, enter now. Simply submit five of your best street chic photographs – taken of people in the street whose style inspired you (and whose permission you have, obviously) – along with captions for each. Then fill in your details and we’ll put your entry up in front of our high fashion judge panel to decide whether you’re the one we need on VOGUE.COM. The winner will be given a page on VOGUE.COM to blog the most stylish photographs in the world, every day. Good luck! 

The Rules are:

1. Entries should be submitted online, including the biography and 5 photographs sized to the specifications stipulated, no later than July 31st 2010.
2. The photographs must be provided exclusively to VOGUE.COM UK.
3. Any person featured in the photograph must be 18 or over and must have given their consent to the photograph being taken and to its subsequent publication on VOGUE.COM UK.
4. The photographs must be taken by the person submitting the entry.
5. The competition results will be announced in August 2010 and the winner will subsequently be invited to run a blog on VOGUE.COM UK.
6. Condé Nast Publications Ltd reserves the right not to publish any of the photographs submitted by competition entrants or by the winner.
7. The editor's decision is final.

 No need to thank me, just get to entering! x

Back with a bang

I won't apologise for disappearing for a little bit. I was busy busy busy packing my whole life into the obscenely large number of Ikea bags I've collected over the years. I suppose its an alternative use to this... :/

My new casa makes me smile. I could touch both sides of my old flat with one hand and now I can happily use a satnav to navigate the spacious bounds of my new (humble) abode. more importantly I have my makeshift walk-in wardrobe!!

I've been working incredibly hard in pink polish

I've been filling out training contract applications at the most fruitful and ripe time there has ever been, with the hope of actually securing one. Problem is there will be one or two things on a firms website that put me off and suddenly the 'Why do you want to work at Law McFirmison LLP?' question becomes hard. Then I stop filling it in.

Wearing MAC lipstick that I've forgotten the name of but it was limited edition so you'll never be able to get it anyway.

Getting angry about the business sec Vincy Boy proposing a graduate tax which will be linked to earning meaning that once again one is penalised for attempting to make a little bit more money for themselves... *sigh*. He is trying to manipulate the minds of the nation by saying things like if you are a social worker or teacher, you pay the same amount for your education as a commercial solicitor. Personally if I was a social worker or teacher I would be deeply offended. Is their education of a lower quality. And what about those people who want to study law THEN become teachers??

And once again the coalition government can't make a solid decision about whether to cut fees or increase fees. Its kind of expected when two seemingly opposed parties come together and try to make things work. I wish they would stop playing kiss chase now and just get on with the M&Arriage. I get it Nick, we were duped into thinking you were a democrat, like a liberal one and you're not.

Also a bit shocked by Slaughter & and May imposing a deadline of 30th July, 5pm! Get to CV and Covering lettering guys n gals.

I'll be a legal intern on Monday! Woopty, very exciting news, although I will have to go over the contract one more time before I let you know what it is I will be doing... I can say it does involve some very unorthodox legal regulation.

Finally been pretty disgusted by Ushers top lip too! I mean just why?? He even confesses that he helped play a part styling it. Sad times.

H&M at Home - Long awaited launch online!

I am just a little bit excited about the fact that my blackberry vibration was in response to an email from H&M... it was telling me that as much as I love being pushed around on the high street and picking up clothing from the floor, standing in a long queue to try it on and looking for a Starbucks so I can reward myself with a *Coffee Light Frappucino Hold The Fat*... they are launching ONLINE September 16th.

I believe that I will be able to sleep... I mean the whole point of being online is that you can shop whenever you want right? Nevertheless...

Thats all! xx

Beauty Re:Vue - Maybelline Color Sensational (Pink Please)

I am yet to find a stand by photographer who will take amazing pictures of me on a really expensive camera. With a Xdd5i lens. Neither do I have a tri-pod. You will have to make do.

This is a little review of the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 'Pink Please'. I like this lipstick and wore it today to give my simple look a little bit of interest. See I decided to wash my hair this morning before work and didn't have time to adequately blow-dry and style it. So pulled back into a puffy ponytail it was for me!

Anyhoo I wore this top & necklace (vintage/primark)

With these jeans 

These earrings (African Jewellery)

And these shoes (Poetic License)

The Lipstick looks like this with no lip conditioner as a base and nothing on top for shine. It can be glossified and glamorised in this way.

got an insect bite under my eye :( 
(ah well!)

Love the way it feels when it goes on and also has a good smell. I managed to get mine from eBay for only £5 so good price too!

Europe and The Battle of the Budgets

It seems like the politicians of the world have entered into a quiet competition whereby whoever takes the seemingly most drastic approach to controlling their finances wins! I'm still recovering from the outcome of the Emergency Budget (although note I am not as disappointed as I thought I would be) however it seems that Croatia's Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor has outdone our cool coalition couple.

The lady in charge has banned her entire cabinate from making use of their summer holiday allowance in a bid to help with the country's financial straits. Being the country's first female PM, Kosor has been dubbed as the 'Croation Maggie' by the press. Much like our beloved ex-PM, she has recently announced deep cuts in all areas of social spending.

Looking at Europe as a whole, almost all of the nation states have made harsh reductions in state spending in an attempt to contain a financial crisis but this is having a negative effect on stocks and the value of the Euro. European Commission president José Manuel Barroso says there is now “an emergency situation from a financial point of view.” Yesterday as he addressed the European Parliament at its monthly plenary session he added:

“What is at stake is the future of the euro and you could say to some extent the future of our European project”

One can only wonder how interested our government will actually be in maintaining the future of the 'European Project' as most Tory candidates favour either a “fundamental” renegotiation of Britain’s EU membership or outright withdrawal.

Anyhoo thats enough money/politics talk for now... I did this because it looks like the rain is returning and if you are not sun-frolicking then you can read through this!

An Orange Ambush: DutchyDress

Ambush Marketing is when companies that are not the official sponsors of an event try and get attention in another way. They organise some sort of marketing event that makes it seems as though they may be an official sponsor. The thing about marketing is once there's a buzz, there's a buzz. As a company you want people to know about your product or service. Ambushing is not the best way but to some degree it is effective and this is why companies do it.

So where better to Ambush than where people all over the globe can see you. The World Cup. In Holland v Denmark's match a marketing campaign was organised whereby a group of women showed up in a specific short orange dress dubbed 'The DutchyDress'. They had been supplied by a Dutch brewing company and the (mainly) blonde hotties danced around in the tight clothing.

The alleged organisers were arrested and were said to be in direct violation of South Africa's Merchandise Marks Act, however they were released on bail. I do believe that this is because you should be allowed to wear what you want to a football match, ambush or no ambush. In addition it was only about 30 women AND orange is the official colour for the Dutch team.

FIFA however does not take the same opinion and is looking through £-sterling-shaped spectacles at the companies that pay about $1.2 million to be official sponsors. They say:

"The matter is now under criminal investigation"

The sight of 100 girls wearing the same short fluorescent orange dress can be seen at ones leisure by visiting Peckham (outside RISKY), Lewisham (outside RISKY) or Harlesden. Yes just everywhere in Harlesden I'm afraid.

 As for the actual official sponsors, it must all be subliminal because I couldn't think of a single one based on the games I've watched!

So its (my) Summer

Strolls in the park

Sunny style

Summer Nails (Barry M -Pink Flamingo)

Big curly (real) hair, makes me miss my big curly (fake) hair.

Nivea Sun Oil that gets all over the floor but makes your legs look amazing!

Networking - Utter Glee at my LAL 'Blogness' Cards

Laughing for no reason

Laughing for A reason

A pink Pout (Mac - Chatterbox) 

Vintage Jackets, Bags, Bangles, Tops and Belts


Wearing them all at the same time

Mini Skirts and Boots and Fuschia Nailpolish

Cupcakes & Rings (and blue shiny fingers)

A blast from the past

Football, Tension, Disappointment... in Vintage Dresses (of course)

You gotta love summer!
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