London College of Fashion: A Rival?

London College of Style launches today! Yes I didn't ease you into this news but who cares.The college has been created by professionals in the fashion industry and this is what they have to say about it:

" we offer focused learning taught by a team of esteemed lecturers who all have current, successful careers within the fashion industry"

The college founders are model and stlyist Kate Smith and fashion stylist Wendy Elsmore.
I'm sure you're wondering exaclty what they have on offer. Courses include styling for fashiona labels, film, TV and magazines, there will be garment construction, dress making and styling personal clients versus models. They also throw in business skill and marketing as well as other necessary skills needed to make it in the tough fashion industry.

The 12-week course costs £3,407 and my honest advice with anything new is to wait and see! Let those who have the money to spare do the course, and once what they're offering is tested and testified you too can take the plunge.  In the meantime check out their very sleek looking website here.


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