Hi, I'm not supposed to be blogging.


I know its been a while hasnt it. I am not going to apologise because too many frequent apologies just means that its not true. Either you cease to act in the way that is causing the apology or you stop apologising (just incase you haven't realised I am choosing the latter)

Okay so I interned... and didn't write about that. It was regulating the porn industry :o. It was a shock to know how many people use porn everyday and the laws around it. But it made me sick to go into my internship and see certain images so I want to forget about that now.

Well. Guys. The reason why I am blogging at this hour of the morning instead of chiselling through a hefty file entitled 'Business Law and Practice' is because I have come to a realisation.

And it is this.

I know.

You are waiting... I really should just get on with it.

Well Lawyers are actually people who have a very very VERY large knowledge base. Since knowledge is power (or so the saying goes), Lawyers have much power.

Ho Hum! you say, nothing new under the sun there. Well no, there is something new. Its the sheer and utter ruthlessness of the legal industry, its the fact that they  we actually are helping ourselves 99% of the time and manage to convince YOU that we are helping YOU. Its ingenious really. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Power to the lawyer I say.

In the mean time, I am at law school and am blogging less. But please do have a read of my previous bloggings. They are interesting. They'll benefit you.

Promise x
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