The Perfect White Shirt

Okay, so being a female professional gives you a (little) scope to mix fashion and style in with business. When it comes to looking the part, nothing works better than the classic white shirt. To spice things up, dynamic duo Viktor & Rolf have developed a stunning collection. It is my pleasure to introduce to you, the classic white... with a twist (or five):

The pair, famous in the fashion industry took ages to think of a unique name for this collection and came up with 'White Shirt'. A little more effort was put into the names of the five-strong collection, namely: White Blossom, White Dove, White Nights, White Scent and White Tuxedo.

But despite the name, you cannot deny that this neat take on the overly abused 'ruffle-front' shirt is easy on the eyes and something that would go well with many pieces in a career wardrobe.

The shirts do not all have the greatest deal of practicality and I believe that one would have to walk in a very particular way to keep this shirt in check. However each shirt has been designed in a soft poplin fabric and tailored into a very feminine finish.

White is also the perfect colour to wear in summer; its effortless, aside from choosing foods that won't fall all over your shirt. It's classy and gives you a neat edgy look without too much effort. Being the accessory junkie that I am, it also gives loads of room to go crazy when it comes to accessories... okay not go crazy but be as bold or as bashful as you please.

This final piece I would say is my favourite, and ironically the has a more leisurely than corporate feel. I love the way it falls and I really don't think that long handkerchief looking thing will get annoying. Really I don't.
The only downside is the price, the shirts are all between £300 - £500. But I guess that is the cost of fashion. If you are going to splash out on one of these shirts, please be sure to understand the legal implications of spilling into an overdraft unplanned. The bank won't like it, and neither will you.

Thats all for now. I hope you like the new collection, visit their house at:

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