Gucci sues Chanel

So here is the actual scoop. Gucci and others thought that a site (actually owned by Chanel) was selling counterfeit goods.Naturally they decide to sue, nothing makes all the problems of counterfeit goods go away like money.

The website in question is which now actually contains the original handed judgment from when Chanel sued the original owner. It also contains information on how to spot a replica, and where you can get the real goods from, for a real price. (have a look it's in black and white).

After suing the previous owner's, Chanel took ownership of the site for the exact purpose it is being used for right now. In consideration of the fact that you and I can take a tiny portion of our time to see that this is not a counterfeit goods site, rather it is the exact opposite, it comes as a surprise that those working for Gucci did not triple check this before pursuing a claim.

They did go back to the site to make use of the contact details however... who knows, maybe this is just a publicity stunt for them both.

Versace on the other hand actually won a seven year long claim, culminating in a massive $20 million payout. The claim was brought against a large number of stores in the US in what Versace has described as a 'historic judgement'. The LA Based chain was selling fake Versace jeans and T-Shirts and more than likely does not have enough money to pay the huge Italian label. Nevertheless it is a step in the right direction in the fight against counterfeit goods. (not that I am part of the fight)

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