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Hi there guys n gals,

Looky- here its me again, two in one day, thats right it must mean that I have an exam tomorrow (yay!) Nevertheless its because I love you so much that I have to share interesting things with you. So today, I stumbled across something which was very exciting because it informed me (much to my disbelief) that I am in fact bilingual and Dizzee Rascal is my Bilingual Star!

I had to blog about it because my fellow blogging buddy (Blazerwhore) asked me when I showed her if it was sufficient to include in applications for training contracts. But I, always being one to go the extra mile thought let me just put it out there on my blog for all the world to see, so I can demonstrate just how fast the firms will come and beg me to work for them. I mean really, there aren't many people who can speak fluent slang.

He said he likes me, so I've opened a savings account!

Yes thats right guys, its no longer boy meets girl, fall in love, get married, have babies, raise them then think about potential university fees and other financial splurges along the way. Not on this side of the pond. Our beloved condem government who are so highly regarded in this blog have gone and tripled the university cap, suddenly, drastically and without remorse.

I must say that I was told in order to succeed in my chosen field I should demonstrate no extreme political opinion, especially if it was anything near left wing. But meh, the word on the street from Through My Aiz is that the law firms have given up on people who study law at undergrad anyway.

Now back to the matter at hand, just incase you have decided to cut yourself off from the civilised world or perhaps even just cut off your ears after hearing your 64th online lecture at law school. From 2012, Universities will be allowed to charge up to £9000 for ONE year of education at their fine establishments. It is supposed to be a war on pointless degrees but it would be easier if they just axed the LLB because judging from the percentage of GDL students on the LPC that comes TOP for pointless degerees... I digress again (I'm so sorry!!)

But its not a free for all, universities have been strictly warned that if they even dare charge over £6000 they will be subject to 'fair access conditions' and will have to demonstrate they are improving access for disadvantaged students. Yes, thats right, prove you are doing all you can to ensure the poorer children can go to university, then when they apply charge them £27,000 for it. Excellent.

I know what you are thinking, I'm not a politician so what do I know? Well I do know that graduate unemplyoment is at its highest in about 20 years and I do know that certain members of certain parties in power in certain countries have never actually had a job/owned a business outside of politics in their life so don't know what it means to not have an allowance to take advantage of spend. And I also know that there is a new love story in town and it goes like this:

Once upon a time you meet a guy, he shows interest, you like him kind of, start saving! because IF you happen to have babies, it really will be too late to start saving £27,000 when they are born JUST for university.


Rant over.

I'm a really happy person on the inside. Please don't let anything convince you otherwise.


We killed it with our power heels.

Romance. I think we've killed it. At first I thought that we had bruised it ever so slightly and then there was definitely a move towards some sort of assault, at the very least a s47 offence. But now I have come to the firm understanding that it is in fact completely and most certainly dead.

I'm not sure if Emmeline Pankhurst knew that she was making a direct attack on our ovaries when she demanded that we have the 'right' to vote. I'm also pretty sure that Condoleezza Rice did not know she was creating a new wave of women who would put a bullet in the proverbial heart of all things sweet and flowery.

However it seems that while we protested by providing awkward figures on male to female employees in high powered city jobs and threw our hands up at the likes of Beyoncé as she called for all the 'Laydays who in-dependent', we simultaneously cemented the fact that we can own our own house and car and provide for ourselves.

So onto the topic of what has become the swearword in the graduate office... marriage. If a girl is honest with herself, she would like to have a whirlwind romance, fall in love, get married and have an army of little babies that look just like her.

But unlike the good old days when a young fellow knew what he had to do to capture the heart of his fair maiden, there is now this awkward:

"Hi, I find you attractive but am in no way demeaning your role as a woman, I would like to marry you one day and have babies with you, but you look concerned about taking time off work, I also feel a little emasculated because your salary is close to mine. Can we go on a date. I'll pay, but you can pay if you want to. In fact lets go halves, in the name of equality."

Now we could place all the blame on the men, because lets face it, women are great and it's ALL their fault but it is likely this would be replied with:

"Hi, I find you really attractive don't find you attractive because it is demeaning for me to even admit that. I do not appreciate you paying for things because I can pay my own way really wish you would break your arms to pay for everything I want right now. I would love to go on a date with you can't go on a date because I have a meeting with a partner in the morning and am in direct competition with you. Please be a man and make such a grand romantic gesture that I can explain to all my friends that I just HAD to go out with you. I'll email you if I'm free."

I could go on and fully explain what I mean but I have Law School in the morning and I think the picture says it all. Its sad really, but I think I'll wear my Jaeger suit to the funeral. *sigh*
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