Oops I did it again.

The words of the ever famous Britney Spears may become more popular than she had ever anticipated. In a bid to rid the streets of asbo's and delinquent youths, the government has decided that if you do not pass your maths and english GCSE's then you must retake it... again, and again, and again until you pass!

Now I'm not normally one to side with the government but YES! I agree. I believe it is very difficult to get hired anywhere these days without even a C in these core subjects. And as for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, yes the veterans of booming business left school at 16 BUT something tells me they had more in their heads than dreams of compiling pound (or dollar) signs. 

The statistics are a little shocking with over 300,000 students not having a Maths or English GCSE grade  but do we think that it is the governments job to decide what these kids do with their lives? I do (for once!) I was actually inspired to write this blog this morning after reading a "ReTweet" on twitter that read: "the British education system is an embarisment" I must apologise to the person who retweeted this as there is a small chance that you are reading this. But I think that this is the exact type of thing that may be reduced ever so slightly if young people are pushed to get the  big C.

On the other side of things, it is still legal for a 16 year old to drop out of education altogether, and the same government who are proposing this have also axed the ever-vital incentive of £30 per week Educational Maintenance Allowance so one must ask oneself, if the kiddies decide that they do not want to go to college at all, then they are not forced to resit their GCSE's and... I'm sure you are catching my drift.

Lets wait for Nick Clegg to figure it out and see what he has to say about it.

Good morning, I had a dream.

It wasn't the Martin Luther kind but it would involve a neat relationship between blacks and whites. *gasp* calm down, I had a dream where walking into the office was not an array of tailored TM Lewin but rather an explosion of the Milanese runway. Enough talking from me, I'm going to share, here are some images from my dream!

All pieces are from Fall 2011 Milan Fashion Week: Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana)

Gahh! Gaddafi and Galliano

Howdy, So I am back and in full swing I believe... we shall see what happens over the next few weeks. From the title of this blog, you can see who I am upset with right now. And its the G's. No not G as in Don or 'top general' (thats my bilingual part translating for you), rather its  Gaddafi and Galliano:

Lets start with the Libyan Leader. If you are anything like me, you will nod and 'ahhh' about a topic that everyone apparently knows so much about until you actually find out the facts. But if you happened to miss the wave of news reports on the situation because you were sitting exams that required you to answer the same question on s19(1) FSMA and whether confidentiality overrides disclosure over and over and over aga...-

I'm so sorry I was ranting and that is completely off topic! But did anybody else know that 'p' is not just a letter in the alphabet and is apparently part of a VERY IMPORTANT formula:  7/400 x (£1.5m – ‘p’) x PCTCT/’p’. 

Gosh I just can't stop! So being inspired by the somewhat successful overthrow in Egypt, the residents of Libya have taken to the streets to stand their ground in indignant protest. As the masses poured into the streets of Tripoli Muammar Gaddafi made it clear that he was not going to go without a fight. The Libyan leader has held his position for a massive 42 years. It is then no surprise that while the protesters are saying 'times up!', they have been shot at and the bloodshed and death toll has begun to make it look like just another middle-eastern-war-torn-country. 

BUT do not shut down, this is a pivotal moment in history and I believe that we as young people can fight through the desensitisation that the media has subjected us to. If these protests are successful it could have massive implications on other dictatorships and if not massive implications on the way Libya is governed moving forward. I mean can you even IMAGINE having David Cameron (i'm ignoring the other one on purpose) sitting in power for 42 years and refusing to shift, its deep stuff. Anyway this is me just saying watch this space.

Now as for Galliano, a man we have all grown to love whether we want to or not. For those of you that do not know who he is (i'll be the first to admit I heard his name for the first time last year when a friend of mine was chilling in his hotel room as part of her internship!), he is a super-duper, futuristic, furiously fantastic designer. He has currently been suspended from walking the polished halls of fashion house Christian Dior. WHYYY! you scream. Well it is not without reason. 

His marvellously skilled hands were unable to reach his mouth intime to stop him from making some rather violent remarks along the lines of 'your parents would have been gassed' (and no, he was not talking about the slang term that means talking nonsense) and other praise for Hitler in the presence of some unsuspecting Jews having a not-so-nice Latte.

Meh, it makes me a little furious when people think in such ways but being subjected to direct racism in the past it has made me realise it is a fact of life, people will think how they think and we just have to thicken our skin and deal with it. That being said this is only in reference to remarks, anything past that and people should take to the streets of Tripoli! I mean Trafalgar Square.

Anyway I will leave you with a few of Galliano's beauties (apparently he is still making the royal wedding dress HA!) 

besos x
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