Oops I did it again.

The words of the ever famous Britney Spears may become more popular than she had ever anticipated. In a bid to rid the streets of asbo's and delinquent youths, the government has decided that if you do not pass your maths and english GCSE's then you must retake it... again, and again, and again until you pass!

Now I'm not normally one to side with the government but YES! I agree. I believe it is very difficult to get hired anywhere these days without even a C in these core subjects. And as for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, yes the veterans of booming business left school at 16 BUT something tells me they had more in their heads than dreams of compiling pound (or dollar) signs. 

The statistics are a little shocking with over 300,000 students not having a Maths or English GCSE grade  but do we think that it is the governments job to decide what these kids do with their lives? I do (for once!) I was actually inspired to write this blog this morning after reading a "ReTweet" on twitter that read: "the British education system is an embarisment" I must apologise to the person who retweeted this as there is a small chance that you are reading this. But I think that this is the exact type of thing that may be reduced ever so slightly if young people are pushed to get the  big C.

On the other side of things, it is still legal for a 16 year old to drop out of education altogether, and the same government who are proposing this have also axed the ever-vital incentive of £30 per week Educational Maintenance Allowance so one must ask oneself, if the kiddies decide that they do not want to go to college at all, then they are not forced to resit their GCSE's and... I'm sure you are catching my drift.

Lets wait for Nick Clegg to figure it out and see what he has to say about it.

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4 March 2011 at 03:46

Poor ol' Nick - he's having a tough time of it.

btw, Britney certainly had 'the moves' in that video back in the late 90s. Lovely stuff! ;-)

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