The Law According to Haw

Perhaps you have had a pleasant experience strolling down westminster bridge on a summer's day and perusing the perimeters of parliament at the end. Or like myself, running through the hustle and bustle of tourists/protesters to try and get to your exam on time in Westminster Central hall. Even if you've stood Canon at the ready, neck craned and one eye squinted to take  a picture of London's Big Ben, you must have seen anti-war activist Brian Haw and his tents. 

(just incase you haven't it looks something like this)
He has lived in his tents for 9 years and has become somewhat of a celebrity.

Having learned in class that he had been granted legal permission to protest within the otherwise forbidden area around the Houses of Parliament, every time I passed this area I would smile inside and say 'right on mister, you have a law all to yourself!'

However I never considered that fact that others who do not think on those terms would consider him a nuisance or an eyesore. Today it became all too much for the queen to see as she drove past in her car, and fresh calls for mister Haw to be evicted have been cried from within parliament!

But who has the power to decide whether he stays or goes and who's responsibility is it to look after the area?? none other than our now world famous and entirely responsible mayor Boris Johnson. (I love him and everything he stands for just incase you didn't know)

After being accused of dragging his feet (Boris!!!), he sought permission from the High Court to evict Mr Haw and the group who are currently camped with him once and for all.

Westminster council actually want the coalition government to change the law. I'll have to say that again highlighting the important parts... Westminster council actually want the coalition government to change the law.
I shall reserve my comments on the likelihood of this with the hope of preventing myself from facing a defamation claim.

Anyway today Brian Haw gets arrested for causing a ruckus in front of the queen, the irony of the whole situation was captured by human rights group Liberty when the stated: "we are very sad to see that on a day that is supposed to celebrate British democracy, peaceful dissent is also shut down...". The representative continued her speech saying things like 'promises' and 'coalition government' in the same sentence, and I thought since it's my blog, I am not forced to entertain such nonsense. 

Anyhoo lets wait and see if he gets removed. I for one hope not, he always reminds me of my Public Law classes and is a pretty unique gem to have in London. 

2 Response to The Law According to Haw

25 May 2010 at 14:28

Oh well that's not nice.
Just coz the queen was there?
She doesn't do much..the speech she made wasn't even hers.
And what happens when the coalition government change the law?

25 May 2010 at 14:34

Lol, its a little more than because the queen was there but it plays a part!

If (if being the operative word) the government change the law then he will no longer be able to stay there...

n April 2005 the Government passed new legislation as part of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) which banned people from protesting around parliament

but Brian won a case which allowed him to stay basically since he had been there since 2001

in 2006 more laws were slammed against him and ever since they have been trying to move him. If the law changes then he will have to go!

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