Beauty Re:Vue - Battle of the Tinted Lip Conditioner

When it comes to getting the perfect pout, lip conditioners play a big part. Sometimes you cannot be bothered to put anything on your lips, but that doesn't mean you are going for the dry, cracked look. Using a tinted lip conditioner can give you the feel of a real nude lip with the look of a real luscious lip. In a professional/office context they are extremely useful; they take two seconds to apply, can be wiped off your finger on your tights a tissue and won't make you look like you just ate greasy chicken or are trying to seduce the newest partner in the office.

For my first ever (excitement) re:vue, here's my opinion of three of my favourite lip conditioners. Please don't ask why I have three.

1. MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner - Petting Pink

So this retails at £10.50. I was super excited when I purchased this as it smells seriously good, like a creamy cocktail. It feels silky smooth on the lips and you really do not need much to get the job done. In terms of how long it lasts I'd say a good couple of hours. Being a lip fanatic it probably is only a couple of hours before I panic and think to put something new on my lips anyway. I don't know how fair that will make my review. But take it or leave it.

It also has a little flavour too it, if your tongue happens to make contact with your lips. That's a bonus, I really hate acidic tasting lip products. 

A recent friend of mine tried it and said 'so this is what being rich feels like'. I chuckled but it really was an accurate description. In the 2.8 seconds it takes you to apply this, you feel... well, rich!

2. Vaseline Lip Therapy  - Rosy Lips

Currently retailing at £1.69. This 'lip conditioner' (yes I hesitate to call it such because it really could be pinky coloured petroleum jelly) is more oil based. It has rose and almond oil in it which is good for your skin, and so your lips too I suppose. This provides a perfect base for putting on lipgloss just to make sure ur lips are smooth and not dry. It honestly requires frequent application. It smells good and even tints 'gently'. 

What I like most about this is the tin. I am just being honest. I saw someone else with it and put it on my birthday wish list and ended up with two! (I am easy to please). It looks great in your handbag and if you are a fidgety type person who loves to keep re-applying then go for this. Also it will not burn a hole in your pocket, in fact if you are anything like me then you won't have to touch your pockets at all!

3. Sleek Pout Polish - Pink Cadillac

Get this for  £3.49! My least favourite I must say. While I carry the other two with me in my bag daily and sometimes even get upset when I cannot find them, this I couldn't even find to take a picture of for the review (sorry) so I found one online. The word on the street is that this is great. It's OKAY in my opinion. It is cream based and quite thick. It colours as opposed to tint, even though it clearly says tinted something or other on it (look on the edge of the lid). Taste, smell, its all a bit artificial and you do not get that 'oo la la' feeling rather a i want my MAC feeling. However it is good at conditioning your lips in my humble opinion. And I suppose all in all that is what matters. It's considerably cheaper than MAC too (and a close alternative).

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