LAL meets Meek 'n' Mild: The Equation of Beauty

We all have our specialties and things that we excel at. Normally these are what form the basis of our professional pursuit. Seeing as I have decided to mix my love for law with everything else, I thought I would go in hunt of other bloggers' secret geek. 

First up we have the lovely Shirley from Meek 'n' Mild!

So I asked Shirley a few questions about what makes her tick apart from being a beauty blogger extraordinare.

1. What is your academic specialty?
Mathematics it is!

2. What is your favourite thing about Maths?
My favourite thing about Mathematics is that it always brings on a new challenge! It's fun and nothing beats the satisfaction I feel when I am able to solve a problem systematically and result in a solution.

3. I once attended a series of workshops with the aim of finding an equation that would determine whether one had the perfect face and thus was beautiful (or not) Do you believe that mathematics has a role to play in fashion and beauty? and if so, what?
With rigorous deductions and tests, an equation that could possibly determine how perfect a face is can be found. However I don't believe a perfect face means that one is beautiful. You can have well proportioned features, but Beauty is something that comes from within. A gentle and quiet Spirit is what is beautiful.

4. What is your 'beauty buzz' right now?
Coral lipglosses! Great for all skintones and perfect for summer!

5.Which fashion trend has got you the most excited right now?
Tribal Print!!! I really can't wait to whip out my African Inspired print dresses this summer!

6. Is that legal? - ask LAL one legal question on ANYTHING you desire or have always wanted to know, crazy, quirky or quite normal and i'll research it for you.
I'm not sure what to ask! Lol!

Now since Shirley couldn't think of something legal for me to research, I thought I would spin off her love for Tribal print. I am totally with her, however anyone who knows me knows that I was ever so slightly peeved at the anti-climax that was ASOS Africa. Now I am not at all saying that they are breaching human rights by selling clothes that really should be £5 for £50 and calling it a move towards fair trade. At the end of the day business is business and the main aim is to make money. But I really do not think (once again in my most humble opinion) that it should be legal for them to have a section named ASOS Africa with such a terrible reflection on african atire.

These lovely examples were taken from FashionAfrica:

Anyhoo, if you have access to a good tailor and know where to get the right print, this summer will be perfect to rock your tribal print. If not, feel free to visit asos and buy a selection of their prints! 

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