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There's loads of lovely little places in london to eat, a light lunch, a romantic rendezvous or a delicious dinner. It's just a matter of finding them. Hopefully my experiences will help you. Here's a review of the recently revamped STRADA on High Street Kensington.

It's a little Italian chain restaurant of which I have been to a few. I must say the standard does vary a little depending on which branch you go to, as does the atmosphere. The Southbank and City STRADA's are nothing like this one.

The decor is nice, its simple, almost ikea like but sometimes less is more. I think it is ideal for a nice lunch or early dinner with a friend or a date. They have a nice selection of starters, salads, meat, fish, pasta and pizza dishes and the average price for a meal is £12. 

Today we had a 2 for 1 voucher which they kindly e-mailed to me and so I was determined to spend no more than £15 on our combined meal.

We entered and received a nice warm and friendly welcome, as there were not many people in there (especially for a friday evening) we had the bonus of choosing our own seats. The service was cordial and relatively prompt, although they did get distracted after giving us our menu's.

The food came quickly and the waiters made an effort to smile and upsell olives and bread. As more people spilled in, they adjusted the lighting and the music which was sweet. In terms of drinks, with my budget in mind we took advantage of their free water which comes in little snazzy STRADA bottles. Overall it was a nice little dinner, nothing to write home about but nice.

Most interesting thing of the night: a waiter eating crumbs of bread in the corner as he was cutting it up to be served. I found this random and funny, others might have found it strange.

If you would like to visit STRADA they have a new facility which allows you to book your table online. It is very handy and efficient with an email sent to your blackberry computer to confirm the meal.

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