Allen and Ovaries? £3.4 million Sexual Discrimination and Unfair Dismissal claim.

International legal practice Allen & Overy LLP has been hit with a £3.4 million sexual discrimination claim. One of their senior associates, based in Moscow has taken to writing erotic stories online. Infact her hobby was so serious that the lawyer has been writing an erotic novel. 

Deidre Dare was fired for publishing this novel despite being asked by the firm to stop. However she claims that the real reason for her dismissal is that her boss "had developed a sexual obsession" with her and this was a "direct result of that obsession". No offence Deidre but it all sounds a bit elaborate to me. The firm insists that "the termination of her employment was justified and legal" and no doubt they have a strong enough legal team to defend their case.

Dare has a number of claims including, heavy petting with bosses, make out sessions, crazy jealousy and being sidelined for work that she brought in. But her biggest complaint really should be the loss of her £128,000 a year salary. Her writing however is proceeding well and is currently earning about £138 a week!

Over on The Lawyer you can see a full and detailed article covering this case, and some funny little comments including the questioning of how she slipped the A&O's rigourous selection process. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha!

2 Response to Allen and Ovaries? £3.4 million Sexual Discrimination and Unfair Dismissal claim.

24 May 2010 at 08:58

LOL - Great story :D

BTW, I wonder if 'light petting' with bosses (as distinct from 'heavy') can ever constitute valid grounds for a sexual discrimination claim! ;-)

24 May 2010 at 14:54

I would laugh but the world is watching and I wouldn't want them to think I agree with ANY type of petting in the workplace (chuckles vigourously inside)

Well if someone got fired after light petting then I guess oui mon ami a claim could follow!

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