Structured Dress, Structured Day?

There is nothing more satisfactory than having a perfectly structured working day where everything goes according to plan, even leaving the office at 5pm and having dinner with your friends at 6. Okay there are things more satisfactory but I needed a good way to start this post. Well anyway in a bid to coerce the day into working better for you perhaps a structured dress might help?

From Balenciaga's Fall 2008 Collection:

A super structured dress with low- mid heels can make a subtle impact on the way you look. Perhaps these are not so appropriate for the office, esp with the mega slit, however think about the nice little office parties, or the bigger corporate office event where you do not want to look like a one dimensional character who has a one dimensional wardrobe. I think thats a good way to finish this post.

3 Response to Structured Dress, Structured Day?

24 May 2010 at 22:34

i really like this look, but i'm not sure if i could rock it as well as they do! it looks amazing though

25 May 2010 at 08:28

A more sophisticated collection from Balenciaga, something they have ditched in recent collections, opting for a younger more edgy look. You can never go young with classic cutting.

25 May 2010 at 10:26

Fashion Court: It does right? I really wish I could walk into my ideal job like this every day without them questioning why they hired me again!

Joke: It's the young, edgy people who keep spending money during a recession right, lol I Kid and deffo agree.


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