Beauty Re:Vue - Maybelline Color Sensational (Pink Please)

I am yet to find a stand by photographer who will take amazing pictures of me on a really expensive camera. With a Xdd5i lens. Neither do I have a tri-pod. You will have to make do.

This is a little review of the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 'Pink Please'. I like this lipstick and wore it today to give my simple look a little bit of interest. See I decided to wash my hair this morning before work and didn't have time to adequately blow-dry and style it. So pulled back into a puffy ponytail it was for me!

Anyhoo I wore this top & necklace (vintage/primark)

With these jeans 

These earrings (African Jewellery)

And these shoes (Poetic License)

The Lipstick looks like this with no lip conditioner as a base and nothing on top for shine. It can be glossified and glamorised in this way.

got an insect bite under my eye :( 
(ah well!)

Love the way it feels when it goes on and also has a good smell. I managed to get mine from eBay for only £5 so good price too!

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