I'm Sorry... here's a gift.

Apologies are an appropriate form of initiating communication with one who you have wronged. I honestly feel that I have wronged you, my readers, in my prolonged absence of good quality law/fashion/beauty blogging and the like.

SO I'm Sorry.

Unfortunately moving house also means moving internet and moving internet apparently means a seriously prolonged period of lack-of-internetness! Sad times. It means that I am confined to carrying my pretty little macbook around in the hopes of accessing the internet at a friends house. I love my mac and though it is portable I don't really like dragging it around london. Worry not, Virgin Broadband has promised us that in JUST 15DAYS (yay!) we will be reconnected.

this is a portrait of me having a tantrum as a child (in my mind)

Anyway gifts usually help take away distract people from the pain that induced the apology and so I have come baring gifts. Well a gift, kind of. Take it or leave it because I really have heard that its the thought that counts!!

My gift comes in the form of make-upy goodness. Sadly your momentary increase in heart rate as you thought that I might send out free beauty gifts to all my readers/have a giveaway only served to help you lose 1 extra calorie. This is virtual make up goodness in the form of Topshops virtual makeover thingy.
I'm guessing its to increase the interest in their kind of new make-up range:

Lets see what it did to me:


Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

And then I did this and knew it was time to stop.

You can click at the end 'What I'm wearing' and get a nice little shopping list to get the look in real life

Have fun, don't forget to thank me or at least let me have a look at your pics if you get some funny/interesting ones.


2 Response to I'm Sorry... here's a gift.

26 July 2010 at 20:06

oooh!!I am going to have fun with this virtual make up thing

9 August 2010 at 08:57

i enjoyed doing the make-up thingy...fun way to kill time :)

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