Back with a bang

I won't apologise for disappearing for a little bit. I was busy busy busy packing my whole life into the obscenely large number of Ikea bags I've collected over the years. I suppose its an alternative use to this... :/

My new casa makes me smile. I could touch both sides of my old flat with one hand and now I can happily use a satnav to navigate the spacious bounds of my new (humble) abode. more importantly I have my makeshift walk-in wardrobe!!

I've been working incredibly hard in pink polish

I've been filling out training contract applications at the most fruitful and ripe time there has ever been, with the hope of actually securing one. Problem is there will be one or two things on a firms website that put me off and suddenly the 'Why do you want to work at Law McFirmison LLP?' question becomes hard. Then I stop filling it in.

Wearing MAC lipstick that I've forgotten the name of but it was limited edition so you'll never be able to get it anyway.

Getting angry about the business sec Vincy Boy proposing a graduate tax which will be linked to earning meaning that once again one is penalised for attempting to make a little bit more money for themselves... *sigh*. He is trying to manipulate the minds of the nation by saying things like if you are a social worker or teacher, you pay the same amount for your education as a commercial solicitor. Personally if I was a social worker or teacher I would be deeply offended. Is their education of a lower quality. And what about those people who want to study law THEN become teachers??

And once again the coalition government can't make a solid decision about whether to cut fees or increase fees. Its kind of expected when two seemingly opposed parties come together and try to make things work. I wish they would stop playing kiss chase now and just get on with the M&Arriage. I get it Nick, we were duped into thinking you were a democrat, like a liberal one and you're not.

Also a bit shocked by Slaughter & and May imposing a deadline of 30th July, 5pm! Get to CV and Covering lettering guys n gals.

I'll be a legal intern on Monday! Woopty, very exciting news, although I will have to go over the contract one more time before I let you know what it is I will be doing... I can say it does involve some very unorthodox legal regulation.

Finally been pretty disgusted by Ushers top lip too! I mean just why?? He even confesses that he helped play a part styling it. Sad times.

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15 July 2010 at 23:42

I'm so glad I didn't have to move this summmer! Also starting an internship this Monday, all the best!

16 July 2010 at 00:09

I know, moving can be stressful ESPECIALLY when you have incompetent and lazy estate agents!

Nevertheless internship, I am very very thankful to God because its such a big opportunity at a time when there are hardly any opportunities. I also wish wish wish I could detail where it is but i'll probably give an alias and alude to possible almost scenarios I encounter... I dont think they'll notice!!


16 July 2010 at 12:26

good luck applying for vac schemes. i understand how stressful they can get. im gonna wait and apply next yr. take a gap year lol
and the grauate tax shocked me as well! i dont understand how they can justify it. and the fact that people from different universities may pay less tax than others. their arguments to me are so flawed - Lola x

16 July 2010 at 13:00

hey lola,

my year is over, i no longer have time to wait a year, im charging throught the 'bad economy' with full force and by the grace of God I will make it to the other side victorious!

as for the graduate tax it sounds stupid simply because I automatically assume anything that comes out of george osbournes party puppets, davey, nicky boy and co is nonsensical... but then i thought about it. still stupid. nevertheless we will see how bad things get before people actually bother to get up and vote next time!

what stage of law are you at lols, you just graduated or just started??

21 July 2010 at 07:18

i'm so with you on that moving part, especially when it comes to packing and unpacking argghhh!...this is coming a bit late but all the best with the internship :)

25 July 2010 at 08:45

thanks hawt, its going okay so far. I'll wait until the end to give you all a synopsis of all the things i've learnt! :)

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