Rapists to remain anonymous

Flicking through my daily selection of coalition government news (I am not obsessed) I came across an interesting David Cameron decision to protect the identities of those who have been accused of AND charged with rape.

I naturally thought, this must be a headline grabber, they couldn't really have cracked their skulls together to come up with this decision, I mean I thoroughly read the main parties manifesto's before I cast the red vote and it didn't mention anything about protecting rapists.

Well no, its true. Of budgets and bicycles and all the great and wonderful changes we will be facing in the next few years, this is one that is very controversial. There are currently no laws that restrict naming of defendants over 18 years old but the plans could potentially grant them anonymity before being charged and also before being sentenced.

This is likely to have an effect on other rape victims coming forward, as if it is not hard enough already. It also suggests that it is more important to protect the statistical minority of falsely accused than it is to encourage other victims to come forward and secure a conviction.

The Ministry of Justice have said "This is a sensitive area and careful analysis of the options and implications will be undertaken" and not much else.

Personally a change such as this will cause more harm than good, while my sentiments are with those that have been wrongly accused of rape (especially the poor wrongly accused celebs who seem to be fuelling the policy behind this love train) it is important to consider the psychological effect it will have on rape victims and even rapists.

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