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So I recently had the privilege of trying the Clean Start cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I didn't really intend to write a blog about it and share my wonderful experience with all of my millions of readers but after using it for 3 days, I kind of have to. It is cool.

In the summer I always find it a little harder to keep my skin looking fresh and well (but not heavily) moisturised. Using the WASH OFF you can immediately feel a deep cleansing with very little effort. It doesn't sting your eyes (I always get it in my eyes) and it doesn't take ages to wash away like some face washes can do.

Then you get the luxury of spraying your face with their ALL OVER CLEAR toning mist. I was a little scared when I did this to be honest and I think it is a little wasteful because you can never get the mist to go just on your face. I do try though and look a little crazy in the process. It feels nice and cooling but if I am 100% honest I don't entirely understand the benefits of toner and if there was water in that squirty bottle I probably wouldn't notice!

Finally its the WELCOME MATTE SPF15, this is my favourite part of the routine. Your skin by this point is feeling cool, clean and delicately moisturised. I have noticed the difference in my facial skin in such a short amount of time and my flatmate verified that I wasn't all excited about a new face wash for no reason by complimenting my skin! Great!

So I RAN down to the shop, the one that sells this stuff, ran all the way to or something like that only to find that I would have to spend £41.95 for the three full sized products.

And then I ran back home. The end.

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