See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Blog no Evil...

A blogger who has been labelled as 'evil' has managed to avoid a jail sentence despite avoiding numerous court orders.

The 44-year old blogger took it upon herself to attack other people on the net using her blog. She accused her opponents of 'milking cancer' and being a disgusting heroin trafficker'. We have already discussed the limitations that we have on so called freedom of speech when it comes to the internet (here).

The blogs were written on a number of places including Corrupt Camden Council Blogspot. The lady was ordered to take down the blogs and was banned from contacting the 'victims' or posting anything about them on the internet. Obviously, being a blogger on a mean mission, she ignored these orders.

Judge Ian Karsten QC labelled her as 'evil' but did not want to send her to jail. Instead he issued her with a £350 fine and other costs totalling £115!

So this is me saying I told you so. Please be careful what you say about other people online. You could end up losing money, making a very bad reputation for yourself and even have a judge who decides to throw you behind bars.

2 Response to See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Blog no Evil...

7 June 2010 at 14:03

Good advice! :-)

BTW: new blog header (or am I just really unobservant?)

8 June 2010 at 12:18

lol totally a new blog header... I thought it made me look more well rounded lol and also made me fall a little more short of your checklist for a law student/graduate blog

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