Farewell Halliwell(s)

We've already discussed what it means when a company goes into administration here and now commercial law firm Halliwells LLP has just eaten their slice of humble pie. (its not that >> Halliwell but they are equally as stylish!)

The firm was particularly close to my heart because I once applied to do an internship in their London office. About a day later they told me that they had recently reconsidered having vac schemes in their London office and that I should consider Manchester or Liverpool. I kindly declined the offer and thought it appropriate to point out that it would be nice if they could just ever so kindly take of the option for london from their website as I wasted very valuable time doing the application and really people should not have to suffer in such a manner.

Anyway they ignored me. In fact despite their recent crumble, they are still recruiting for a September 2012 start guys! (yay)

So the firm claims that “high property costs exacerbated by the current economic climate” have “adversely impacted [its] finances” however the business remains strong and assets will hopefully be sold to worthy and deserving firms.

Shiny new expensive building

As you can tell I am so totally interested in what will become of Halliwells, especially because I love them. Also because I didn't just write a whole blog post so I could complain about the fact that they made me do an application for no reason.

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