LAL Girl 'After Hours' #3

I have some great news, I found my 3rd LAL Girl, she's not just another blogger but a real fashionista. I caught her with her notepad and sunglasses in tow, looking very peaceful, minding her own business and not wanting to be disturbed by me. So I disturbed her and asked if I could take a few pics.

A little camera shy with a beautiful accent, she has put together this cute vintage combo which still has an element of professional sophistication. I only asked after I had finished taking too many pictures what her name was (people skills!) and she replied "Bahia, like the city in Brazil" and thats how I remembered, I even looked up the city as I had never heard of it.

Sorry for taking so long to put these up Bahia (pronounced buy-ah), but here's to LAL Girl Number 3. My first real girl.

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18 June 2010 at 09:40

she's so cute!!

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