Louis Vuitton Lies...?

Louis Vuitton has been accussed of advertsing 'misleading' information by implying that their luxury bags are handmande. Ususally major fashion designers such as LV are quick off the mark to sue those who attempt to sell counterfeit versions of their products. The advert showed a woman stitching a handle to the bag yet the label said that some aspects of the bag were made by a machine.

The designer admitted to the Advertising Standard Agency that the images were enhanced to make them more visually appealing (duh!). The ASA however took their excuses and ordered them not to use the advert again. A spokesperson commented:

"We noted that the images were stylized interpretations of real stages of the production process of both of the items featured. However, we considered that consumers would interpret the image of a woman using a needle and thread to stitch the handle of a bag to mean that Louis Vuitton bags were hand stitched."

So it's a slap on the wrist for Louis V this time round however it has emphasised the importance of keeping all evidence relating to a brand just incase claims such as these are made against it. The ASA did not receive enough evidence from Louis Vuitton to show the extent to which products may be handmade and therefore were forced concluded the Ads were misleading.

I don't think that Louis Vuitton has really lost any attention at this time. Their star studded opening of the flagship 'London Maison' on New Bond Street last month was the 'talk of the town' so to speak. And they crammed so many celebrities into one space that an explosion would have resulted in an addition to the galaxy.

What did they wear!? (I hear you...)


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