I'm Well... Rounded!

So I've heard time and time again that when it comes to being the ideal candidate for employment in a high-flying law firm, one must be 'well rounded' (amongst other things). The thought occurred to my oh-so-normal mind that this is direct discrimination against those who just want to be square. I mean what if you just have an insatiable desire for straight lines and sharp 90 degree angles, don't like the fact that circles never end and want to get straight to the point really?

I have to ask myself what is the actual importance of having other interests, passions and hobbies. So you collect stamps, I guess that commitment will make you the perfect paper pusher? What if... what if I decide that all I will watch on TV is The Good Wife and Kevin Hill, and the only knock knock joke that makes me laugh is the one where the door gets opened and the person is in breach of Article 8 HRA (because all that knocking is really not respect for private family life, home or correspondence!) So my idea of a celebrity is Lord Denning and the last book I really read was 'Commercial Law' by Sealy and Hooley. 

Does it actually matter that my estate agent hates me for reading my tenancy agreement to such a degree that I happened to notice that the "Landlord" has illegally attempted to absolve himself of any legal obligation whatsoever with onerous clause after onerous clause! Yes I recite the Sale of Goods Act to stores that put up 'NO REFUND' signs because it makes me sick. I am allowed a refund. Actually. 

Goods supplied must be as described, and fit for purpose. If they are not, and you take them back to the retailer in a reasonable length of time you are entitled to a refund. Actually. 

So in my spare time I scour Bloomerg, CNN and Legal Week for the sauciest update in political, financial and legal news. So what I don't really have spare time. It doesn't matter if I happen to ask my boyfriend if he intends to establish a fiduciary relationship upon marriage...its only natural right. Threatening to sue T-Mobile for breach of contract is something everyone does (actually going through with it is the fun part though!).

Anyway for the Squares out there, Rectangles and even Oblongs,  I salute you. Be excited about your 18-hour working day in public, brandish your paper cuts battle wounds to your beloved and joyfully write in the 'skills' section of your application forms that you can run for a week on just espresso after espresso. Love law, love it with all some of your heart!

I am not quite with you of course... I like fashion, yes, beauty and pretty things. I have well-rounded friends. I am well rounded and this is my well rounded face.

3 Response to I'm Well... Rounded!

8 June 2010 at 12:17

This is for all who love to love what they love!

8 June 2010 at 13:49

You sound like a perfectly well rounded law student to me! :-)

Particularly with your new blog header that I recognised as being a new addition right away! ;-)

10 June 2010 at 23:45

I love this post..it's hi larry.
Michael - it sounds like you're an even bigger lawadlibitum fan than I am??

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