A little complaint: New Look

Okay so its New Look's turn to face my wrath. 

Its the shopping again. It wasn't real shopping, I wanted another pair of respectable trousers to wear to work. (By respectable I meant tailored harem so I could be appropriate for work and after work at the same time. leave me alone) I took advantage of their sale and bought a pair online - its the lack of spare time! So long story short, they came, I saw and I put them right there on the... well back in the bag ready for a refund. I decided that rather than post it back I would take it in store. Yes I didn't read the (very small) small print but the lady behind the till had absolutely no compassion for me. She gave me credit vouchers. She gave me credit vouchers for New Look. I mean seriously!? So I said okay I don't want to do the refund because if I return it by post I will get my money back. She told me she could no longer find the item I was talking about (they were behind her).

I must stress that I own ONE item of clothing/shoes/jewellery whatever from New Look and that is a pair of yummy Chino's since they were the only ones doing them at the time. I cannot imagine purchasing goods worth £12 from there in the near future. It was a painful experience and I have to complain about it. Its my blog and I can complain. Thats cool right.

3 Response to A little complaint: New Look

18 June 2010 at 09:39

poor new look- they didn't even see it coming

18 June 2010 at 09:42

bah, they deserve it because I don't deserve credit vouchers to the value of £12.

18 June 2010 at 09:55

indeed!! get em' good

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