Beauty Re:Vue - Blackberry Brown (Nails Inc)

Hi, So I did a beauty re:vue and never did one ever again! Well the blog is called LAW ad libitum... nevertheless here is another. So I spent forever looking for the perfect pale pink in a bid to have professionally powerful nude nails. You know when you are in a corporate environment you have to be concerned about how you present yourself, and shocking pinks and fluorescent greens are not the way to go.

So after a little while I realised that pale pink is not my nude. Its actually a yummy nude brown which I have labelled the blackberry brown. I don't want to clasp the bottle to show you what these nails look like, so here they are:

I put on two coats (plus top coat) and they lasted all of ONE day before chipping. Nails inc retails at £10.50 a bottle... but I got this FREE, okay not totally free but Diet Coke has released four colours which you can get free from boots with every 2 bottles purchased (until 30th June)

I am wearing the London colour (and I love it!)

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